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  Beware !


Despite the pristine beauty of the beach, it is clear that the Tourism Department has not paid much attention to the place. The drawbacks of Kovalam are evident in this place too. Heaps of uncleared garbage, staring and often pestering local lads, beach sellers and a stream that is an exit point for the garbage that passes through the beach are but a few things that would distract you from having a peaceful getaway. 

During the season, homes are transformed to internet cafes and kitchens to restaurants. Be vary about the fish you eat from restaurants. If you are not good at judging the freshness of seafood, it is better to avoid it than running for purgatives.

All said and done, Varkala is a place that is not to be missed, whatever price you have to pay. The vermillion-covered sky during sunset, the temples, the cliffs, the hotsprings with gushing mineral water and more over, the calmness of the area make Varkala a wonderful experience.  


Like much of the Kerala coast, Varkala too experiences strong coastal rips. Many lives, even that of experienced swimmers have been lost in the turbulence of the tides. It is not advisable to swim too far into the sea. 
Varkala has only one lifeguard post with two lifeguards and it is advised to swim around this area. On a crowded day spotting when in trouble becomes difficult.





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