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  The Beach


The Papanasham beach at Varkala is quiet, clean and secluded unlike the Kovalam international beach. The beach at Varkala grew into prominence and caught the attention of tourists only recently. A long sandy beach, towering red laterite cliffs and soothing mineral springs put Varkala in the not-to-miss category. 

Today, many tourists prefer Varkala to Kovalam, the internationally renowned beach. Varkala is less crowded with less number of shops, beach sellers and still lesser amount of commercialization. 

The development we see today in Varkala happened only in a period less than two years. The raw and unused stretch of beach is a lonerís delight where one could swim, play cricket or volley ball and even manage to practise yoga. If you are lucky, you also get sight of a naughty dolphin. 

Papanasam is a perfect place to watch the sunset or relax gazing at the horizon. The area is covered with coconut palms and small restaurants that mushroom during the season. The 500-metre stretch is right below a cliff. 

Papanasom is important for Hindus in another way too. It is in the Papanasom Sea that many Hindus come to drain the mortal remains of their dead relatives. Consigning the mortal remains of the dead relatives in the waters of a pilgrim centre is considered a sacred act by the Hindus.  





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